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Mountain Classic Mortgages represents over 50 lenders providing hundreds of programs. With all of these programs to choose from, we will select the mortgage loan that offers the best rate, term and fees to meet your individual needs. Contact us today to talk with a friendly, knowledgeable Mortgage Loan Specialist.

We work hard for you!

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We "listen" to peoples needs, then go the extra mile to match those needs with the best loan program available. We have over 50 major and niche lenders, we constantly add more resources to satisfy the diverse needs of our community. We work hard to find the best overall rate, terms and fees, clearly state them up front and dedicate ourselves to delivering them to the closing table.

We are a full service broker offering residential loans in Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona and soon Texas.

Commerical loans available in additional states.

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Connie Giffin,
Mountain Classic Mortgages was created to meet the residential and business conventional mortgage needs as we help pave the financial pathway for sustainable building and community concepts. Our commitment to fulfill our client’s needs, provide clear honest answers, offer prompt, friendly service and an old-fashioned handshake that honors our integrity is the hallmark of excellence to which we strive. Connie Giffin and her Mortgage Loan Specialist Team bring a wealth of management, financial and construction experience to serve our clients. Our hope is to contribute substantially to creating a healthy, nourishing environment for future generations in the communities we serve. We make suggestions on real estate investment educational products such as these books "Flipping Your Way to Real Estate Profits" and "Go Time" by Scott Yancey.

We have programs to accommodate:

We work with:

  • Homeowners
  • Builders
  • Investors
  • Residential and Commercial Developers
  • Small Businesses
  • Green, Solar, and Atypical properties